Designed exclusively for high school juniors & seniors, our Music Innovation Camp is an 8-week program focused on introducing unrepresented youth to the future of the music industry.

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"The MIC Program"

music composition

song writing


character design

motion capture

Exposure is everything.
Students can't aspire for what they don't know exist.
This program starts with something familiar in order to introduce students to whole new worlds of possibility.

The American GDP is valued at $2.5 trillion; $750 Billion of which is derived from its music and entertainment industries! Thousands of creatives, many of which are ethnic minorities, venture into this industry to take ownership in America's top export! However, inadequate training and exposure in business and industry practices, access to tools, technology and, resources, have been at a historic low!

Our solution is a program aimed to not just "even the playing field" for aspiring music industry professionals but; give them experience with different roles, innovative tools and, techniques used to bring creative ideas to fruition! Our Industry Professionals will play pivotal roles in guiding these individuals to success!Our event is a hybrid of the Music and Immersive Technology industries! 10-15 STEAM/STEM, Metro Atlanta, High School Students, will be enrolled in a fun and creative 8 Week Series!  They will be broken into teams, guided through the creative process of song ideation and, given the opportunity to perform their original works! Each week will be focused on a specific part of the creative process, as well as, introducing them to the importance of intellectual property and, entertainment business. All while working with prominent, industry professionals from every corner of the business!


Students will have the opportunity to learn from some of the industry's leading professionals as they work together to produce, write, record, and choreograph music for their very own virtual recording artist.

Week 1: Production

April 2, 2022 (10am -6pm)

Each team will begin the process of producing their song, while being taught the importance of intellectual property in music/entertainment.

Kevin Wilson:
A billboard-charting Music Producer, Audio Engineer, and Songwriter with 20+ years of experience in the Music Industry, being credited for his work with Alicia Keys, Mario Winans, Beyonce, P Diddy, and several other artists during his tenure. While continuing his work in the music industry, Kevin also works as a Professor of Audio Engineering at SAE Institute Atlanta.

Week 2: Songwriting

April 9, 2022 (10am - 6pm)

Teams will begin songwriting to their track: being taught arrangement theory and, the importance of performing rights organizations.

Glenda "Gizzle" Proby:
The multi-faceted and Award-Winning Songwriter who, within her 10+ years in the music industry, has amassed an amazing number of collaborations with artists like T.I., Kanye West, Ty Dolla Sign, Travis Scott, and Lupe Fiasco, to partnerships with Google, Netflix, and many more.

Week 3: Recording

April 16, 2022 (10am - 6pm)

Teams will begin recording their lyrics: learning the best practices and techniques from established artists and producers.

Daniela Rivera:
An Emmy-nominated and Grammy-winning Recording & Mix Engineer with a massive amount of credits including Michael Jackson, Coldplay, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and many more. Within her 10+ years of experience in the music industry, as well as serving as a Governor for the Atlanta Chapter of the Recording Academy.

Alexia Davis:
A Platinum record and Billboard-charting Recording Engineer with an exceptional number of credits with popular artists like Lucci, Latto, Moneybag Yo, and many more during her music industry career.

Week 4: Avatar Creation

April 23, 2022 (10am - 6pm)

Teams will be introduced to cutting-edge development software used in building and designing their digital avatars: exposing them to career opportunities in immersive and emerging tech!

Dedren Snead:
With 12+ years of Creative Project Manager, Dedren brings a wealth of unique experience in implementing innovative digital marketing solutions on trans-media platforms in Art, Animation and Esports. During his career, Dedren has developed creative solutions for companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and others to bridge the gap between Gaming, Music, and Education.

Week 5 : Performance Training

April 30, 2022 (10am - 6pm)

Teams will begin training for their performance: learning choreography and, being introduced to the the live performance sector of the music industry!

Derek Jackson:
Founder & CEO of the National Collegiate Entertainers Group with over 15 years experience working with students in areas of stage performance and artist development. As a student at Georgia State University, Derek launched the NCEG chapter program, earning him a spot as an official affiliate of the Creative Media Industries Institute (CMII).

Week 6 : Motion Capture

May 7, 2022 (10am - 6pm)

Teams will be introduced to the world of motion capture: performing their song and choreography as their digital avatar.

James Martin:
An award-winning VFX Artist, Technologist, and Entertainment Industry professional with countless film credits during his 20+ years in his industry. Alongside his current major film projects, James is also a Professor-Of-Practice at Georgia State University's Creative Media Industries Institute (CMII).

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teaching "the metaverse"

Historically, women and people of color have always been underrepresented within the highest ranks of the entertainment industry. This has remained true despite the fact that much of the highest grossing content is produced by these groups.

The creation of the Metaverse introduces a new frontier for independent content creators.
Our mission, and the purpose of this program, is to bring the necessary knowledge and resources to students of color in order to prevent them from falling further behind.

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