The National Collegiate Entertainers Group (NCEG) is a 501c3, non profit organization, designed to share this blueprint with young music entrepreneurs across the country. It is our belief that doing so will help to democratize the music business and promote growth for the $51 billion global industry.

Our board of directors represents 50+ years of industry experience, and our team is dedicated to building infrastructure necessary for the hands-on training of our student members.

The pipeline for college students to enter the music industry...

Our organization exists to encourage music as a form of entrepreneurship and promote the idea of using intellectual property to subsidize the cost of higher education.

Our primary goal is to demystify the music industry by creating a formal,
standardized process, that will allow students, from various backgrounds, to graduate college with a body of work that speaks for itself.

We accomplish this task by building entertainment infrastructure on college campuses around the country; thus, creating a professional network which offers both context and applicable skills training.

Using musical talent to fund higher education...

The average 4yr college/institution spends over $100,000/yr on campus entertainment. Meanwhile, corporations are now spending $1.5B annually sponsoring live music events for the purpose of engaging the college demographic (18-24 y/o).

Therefore, the opportunity exists for us to turn a typical college expense into a potential source of revenue that benefits the schools, the students, and the music industry at large.


Hundreds of potential schools...


Thousands of potential students...


Millions of potential fans...

Our Board of Directors

James Caldwell

Board Member

Sean Taylor

Board Member

Steve Jones

Board Member

Xavier Jones

Board Member

Our Team

Arun Gopal


BreAnna Jackson


Derek Jackson

Founder & CEO

Keith Chaney


Sean Young


Xarius Hampton

Our mission

Our goal is to create a scholarship program that will help students, with aspirations of entering the entertainment industry, use their talents to pay for their college tuition. The live music industry is a $1.5 billion business that continues to grow every year. By empowering our students to tap into these funds, we hope to spark a new era in the music industry underlined by education, collaboration, and competitive spirit.

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