NCEG Tournament

Using Passion to Fund Education
Few things garner a more visceral response than pride in one's alma mater.
Every year, students, parents, and alumni spend billions in support of their schools with much of this pride being driven by athletics. Utilizing the building blocks created by our chapter program, the NCEG Tournament is designed to tap into a similar appeal. However, this competition is all about the musical talent housed on a university's campus.

The NCEG Tournament is designed to function as the primary source of funding for our organization's scholarship program.

The tournament works by utilizing the chapter curriculum to recruit and develop the best performers from a university.
In other words, non-performing members of a chapter get to decide who they believe the best performers are. This means that even the decision making of the chapter's aspiring executives is being judged in this competition.

Additionally, each "team" is assigned an industry professional mentor whose job it is to coach the team to victory.
These strategic partners work side by side with NCEG staff to ensure a safe and effective learning experience even in the midst of friendly competition.

All of this comes together to produce a series of high-energy, concert-style, competitions packed to the rafters with dedicated fans, industry A&Rs, and captivated student bodies. Our business model is designed to be beneficial to all parties involved.
We created this program to provide a sustainable outlet for students, that helps motivate our corporate partners to invest in the future our industry.

Live music sponsorship is a $1.5 billion industry that schools can utilize to subsidize the cost of higher education. Our goal is to make that a reality.

By building a platform for collaboration between universities, corporations, and industry professionals, we can strengthen the music economy while simultaneously making higher education assessable to more young people.

Update: Coming Soon (Fall 2021)

We are now accepting contributions toward the production of the NCEG Tournament.
Individuals and corporations can support our mission by purchasing tickets or becoming a corporate sponsor today.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 by July of 2021.
Together, we know we can make our goal of a national music entrepreneurship scholarship, a reality.

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