NCEG Panel Series

Knowledge: How The Industry Gives Back
Many people, from various walks of life, have found success in the music industry. For each of them, their journey was different. However, a reoccurring theme that we found with all of them was that they each had a deep-rooted desire to make it happen, and most of them had a mentor that was willing to help them along the way.

The mentorship component is often the most difficult part of getting into the music industry.
Many students struggle to find people willing to offer candid advice about what they can expect as they pursue a career in the music business. This is due to the fact that music professionals often become very busy, and some students find it difficult to know what questions to even ask should they be presented with the opportunity.

The NCEG panel series is our process for connecting students with trusted professionals willing to offer candid advice for both the industry and life in general. We cover a range of topics, from the creative process and revenue generation, to innovations in music tech and touring strategies. Additionally, our staff and panelists understand the importance of teaching the whole student and not simply the aspiring professional. For that purpose, we make sure to include topics related to personal wellness, dieting, and mental health.
Ludacris, CJ Oliveri (Songtrust), and Kato the Producers speaking to students about music publishing
Our panel series travels to every school in our network in order to offer equal opportunity to all students seeking to gain the knowledge necessary to be effective in our industry.

Panelists include both well known artists and producers and key behind-the-scenes players to ensure that students get a well rounded vision of what the music industry has to offer. The image to the left shows rapper/actor: Ludacris, CJ Oliveri of Songtrust, and billboard charting: Kato the Producer all speaking to students about the importance of understanding music publishing.

Our goal is to help students understand exactly how vast the opportunities as a music entrepreneur are, and that there are many many ways to become successful without also becoming famous.

Gems: Advice from our Panelists
Here are some of the snippets from conversations that we've had in the past via both panels and one-on-one interviews.
Sean Taylor (Brandman Sean)
Artist Managers vs Brand Managers
Stone Stafford
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