Student Chapters

Rule #1 : Your Network = Your Net Worth
The NCEG Chapter Program is the cornerstone of our organization. It is the foundation upon which all of our other programs are built. That is because everything that we do is in service of the students.

This program has one principle concept:

In the modern music industry, everyone is an entreprenuer.

However, historically, the general public's knowledge of the business has been limited to record labels and the sales, downloads, or streams that they produce. In actuality the music industry is much bigger than these companies and their employees. The power of these companies comes from years of monopolizing distribution channels and the long standing relationships that have come from that history. In today's industry, new technology and innovations have eroded many barriers of entry, making it easier than ever to make a living as an independent music entrepreneur.

The chapter program works by recreating the functions of the music economy on a fundamental level. Students can get involved by working with a group of their peers to complete specific tasks, outlined in our curriculum, designed to help them learn the industry through exposure.

We call this process: "Scale-Model Equivalency"

It refers to the fact that, in the music industry, many different people are involved in the creation of a final product.
And generally speaking, each of these individual parties are considered self-employed.
For example, the production of an album usually involves a recording artist, an artist manager, an executive producer, and multiple songwriters, composers, engineers, and musicians.
That's not including the various graphics artists, photographers, videographers, and marketers that may become involved after the post production process.

All of these people are self-employed.
They all agree to be a part of a project, and thus, invest in its success through their involvement.
And any one of their parts could be a major deciding factor on wether the project succeeds or fails.

The chapter program is designed to recreate the collaborative nature of the industry by organizing students into "teams".

A strong chapter should consist of aspiring artists, producers, writers, managers, engineers, and multi-media specialists.
Together, they will work together, under the guidance of NCEG admin & staff, to create product and produce events for the benefit of their student body.

Students with outstanding work, and consistent positive feedback are then offered professional opportunities via NCEG's industry connections.

The Win-Win-Win
1. Through the chapter program, students can grow their resumes and portfolios organically, without having to sacrifice education or choosing a particular major.

2. Parents can rest easy knowing that their children are being guided and mentored by professionals who are dedicated to the overall well being of the student.

3. The industry experiences growth and innovation due to an increased retention of talent and a decrease in revenue lost from misinformation.
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