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The NCEG Tournament

The National Collegiate Entertainers Group (NCEG) can be broken into three self-sufficient systems. The chapter program was previously talked about, now we’ll talk about the NCEG Tournament. 

School Pride

NCEG is radically changing the musical landscape and the perception of what creates the next big star. Fanbases are more important than ever these days, especially with all these niche genres. What better way to create fan bases than finding your fans on a college campus, among your peers? The traditional music industry and veterans alike will say that aspiring artists should quit school to pursue a musical career, but what if you could gain valuable and tested experience in music and at the same time be in a major of your choosing? NCEG’s answer to these questions are school pride rooted in higher education.

The NCEG Tournament

The NCEG Tournament will pit schools against each other in a series of single elimination competitions. Schools competing in this tournament do not have to be an official chapter of NCEG. The best three artists, or certified entertainers (CE), are picked from each school, and are trained in live performances by coaches. These live performances can be any genre. The tournament will be judged by industry professionals and crowd participation. The first round will be judged by a panel of judges. The best artist from each school is picked from the first round, and from there those two artists go to the second round. The second round is determined by crowd decision, and the school with the highest overall score will go to the next competition. This gives the students an opportunity to prove themselves in front of their peers, and valuable experience essential to the growth of their musical careers. This creates an environment of rivalry and camaraderie among the students. Each competition will be live streamed, and put on Youtube in full recap. 

The tournament will include sponsorships from local and national companies. The money earned from this tournament will go back into the non-profit and fund future competitions.

Arun Gopal

Performance & Touring

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