The Chapter Program

The National Collegiate Entertainers Group(NCEG) can be broken down into three self-sufficient systems. Each one of these systems connects with the other programs, but can also operate alone. The first one is the chapter program.

The Chapters

The chapter program can be defined as subsidiaries of NCEG that are situated at each school, and are official student organizations. Each school needs at least seven people to create a chapter, as well as an administration side that includes the faculty advisor and the head coach, who is an official representative from the national organization. Once all these people are brought together, a charter can be created and filed with your respective school. The seven individuals make up the executive board and department heads. The seven students’ titles are the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Head of A&R(Artist & Repertoire), Head of PR(Public Relations), Event Coordinator, and the Head Engineer. 

The President

The president is an elected position that is in charge of creating an annual plan of action for their chapter. They are responsible for finding and keeping solid relationships with other organizations, as well as the school. The president also appoints their fellow cabinet members, and makes sure they are trusted to carry out his or her mission. 

The Vice President 

The vice president is an elected position that deals with departmental oversight and quality assurance for the chapter. They make sure the president’s orders are carried out in a timely and professional manner. This position can also reject or approve membership applications. 

The Treasurer

The treasurer is an elected position and deals with the financial oversight of the chapter. They are in charge of setting and collecting membership dues. This position also involves submitting purchases, requests for additional funding, and/or requests for reimbursement. Finally, treasurers can revoke or freeze membership privileges for nonpayment. 

The Head of A&R

The head of A&R is a cabinet position appointed by the president of the chapter. This departmental position oversees the training of the CEs (Certified Entertainers). Certified Entertainers are chosen through a rigorous audition process to become official performance artists for the chapters. The head of A&R works closely with the head coach to ensure the chapter looks and sounds well in front of the public. This position also includes networking with aspiring songwriters, singers, and producers to join the chapter. 

The Head of PR

The head of PR is an appointed position by the president and oversees the branding and marketing of the chapter on campus. He or she will build relationships with publications and influencers to create awareness of the chapter to the rest of the campus. This individual is also responsible for setting up photoshoots, video shoots, artist interviews, and graphic design elements. 

The Head Engineer

The head engineer is an appointed position by the president and involves the care and maintenance of equipment, technology, and resources of the chapter. In order for the equipment to be properly used, the head engineer may hold workshops and training sessions to educate chapter members. This position also oversees the development of the music producers and live sound engineers within the chapter. 

Members and Recruits

The membership of the chapter enjoys certain privileges being part of the NCEG organization in general. Members can get access to exclusive workshops and panels, mentorship from active industry professionals, and potential placement and distribution opportunities. Members must be students, but volunteers and strategic partners can be non-students. Chapter dues may vary from chapter to chapter.  

Recruits can be defined as individuals that have applied to be apart of the chapter, but are not yet approved. The chapters are highly encouraged to have a vetting process for all recruits to ensure the best of the best are coming through the organization. There is a very strict anti-hazing policy for NCEG chapters that aligns itself with the universities’ codes of conduct. 

The chapter program is just one paradigm of the NCEG infrastructure. The NCEG Tournament will be talked about in the next article.

Arun Gopal

Fan & Community Engagement

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