NCEG Partners with MARTA for Artbound Showcase

This summer, NCEG began its partnership with MARTA's arts initiative "Artbound," featuring artists from the Panther Entertainment Group NCEG chapter at Georgia State University. PEG hosted performances on Friday, July 26 and Thursday, August 29 at MARTA's Five Points station, showcasing such artists as MayaTheWriter (@mayathewriterr), Mo'Lai (@officiallymo.lai), ARZLEE (@arzleemusic), and Aushailene (@aushailene).

Launched in June 2017, the MARTA Artbound series has become a space integral to elevating visual and performing arts experiences in the consciousness of Atlanta's daily commuters. The series features artwork, live dance, and live music produced by local artists for a local audience, fostering a sense of community and meaningful investment in the arts through personal engagement.

In addition to monetary and strategic benefits of partnering with Artbound—and thus the city of Atlanta by proxy—NCEG has added a prominent, dedicated staging area to its arsenal of professional development tools for its members. NCEG chapter members who participate in Artbound gain real-time experience erecting an impromptu performance site designed for a small set of performers in a high traffic area, creating a simultaneously intimate yet exposed setting for potential audience members. Tech crew contends with producing the best sound amidst a less-than-optimal, and sometimes unforgiving, sound backdrop. Artists and managers develop the uniqueness of their craft to draw in hurrying passersby, standing out boldly among a sea of distractions. Performing in the Artbound series gives NCEG members the opportunity to display their artistry and professionalism in one of the most challenging performance environments.

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