NCEG Partners With BonfireATL

With live performance being a crucial aspect of the music industry, independent artists need to be performing to get their name out in the world and creating a fanbase. NCEG provides these opportunities with different venues through competitions.

NCEG has officially partnered with underground powerhouse, BonfireATL. BonfireATL (@bonfireatl) is a performance platform for underground and mainstream artists across all genres. You can check out their website here as well:

Our official partnership will start with our first “Battleground Cafe” which will happen on November 14th at 8pm at Union EAV. This event will be a competition between Georgia State, Kennesaw State, and the AUC(Clark Atlanta, Spelman, Morehouse). Each school will have 2 artists that will compete for the best performance and school pride.

Tickets can be purchased below:

Arun Gopal

Performance & Touring

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