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NCEG Partners With ATLA Artist Academy

The ATLA Artist Academy is a program under ATLA Takeova Enterprises, which is based in Atlanta, GA. It is co-owned by Kiki Ely(@kikiely) and Sakinah LeStage(@sakinahlestage), who are both choreographers and creative directors that have over 16 years of experience in the entertainment industry.

The ATLA Artist Academy program builds on artist development, branding, and marketing through multi week workshops containing lesson plans, rehearsals, and homework. The academy offers training in movement, choreography, stage presence, performance coaching, photo shoots, styling, fitness, live show vocal lessons, live show production, on & off camera media training and more. A staff of industry experts will work collectively to bring the vision of the artist and their team to reality.

The ATLA Artist Academy(@atlaartistacademy) will be an official coach for one of our chapters starting in the Spring semester. Their official website can be found below:


Arun Gopal

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