NCEG And The Dawn of Livestreaming

With the onset of COVID-19, many shows have been postponed or cancelled. This has led to a void where money and creativity has slowed down, especially for many independent artists, but that doesn’t mean the industry has stopped. This is something the National CEG has always preached. 

Gaming has always been big on livestreaming, but the music industry was slow to catch on, but social distancing measures have changed that, especially in engaging fanbases. Millions were tuned in to many artist’s lives from DJ DNice to Andrea Bocelli. This leads to many opportunities for independent artists to create their own community on social media.

Instagram Live and Twitch have had huge viewership numbers just within weeks. Twitch had viewership go up 10% in just one week. Artists should be taking advantage of this along with releasing their music. It creates a direct and even intimate setting if done properly. It could be as simple speaking on how you are handling the quarantine or playing your favorite video game. Many artists have even done online album parties on IG Live. 

One of the best examples of livestreaming involving music, has been the Verzuz platform created by super producers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland. They’ve had several producers and songwriters face off with each other, with Teddy Riley vs. Babyface and Ludacris vs. Nelly having record breaking numbers. Filling the void with nostalgia will always work, and the Verzuz platform has mastered it for these unsure times. 

Now independent and upcoming artists may not have the following, but they can still make a fun and unforgettable experience with a couple of fans and friends. This crisis has sped up the popularity of livestreaming, but it was always on the rise, so taking advantage of the technology will be beneficial for future music entrepreneurs in the National CEG and music industry.

NCEG artists from the PEG chapter have utilized livestreaming for album releases, which has elevated their brands and fanbases. It's a case study that has proven how creative these student artists can be. 

Arun Gopal

Fan & Community Engagement

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