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How To Build A Music Career In College

The leading consensus about “building a music career” is that it’s very convoluted and difficult to create. This scares away many talented individuals because there is no clear pathway. The National CEG (NCEG)is changing that story. 

Creating A System

NCEG is creating the only student to music industry pipeline and preaching actual music entrepreneurship with an underlying message of education. The current of musical education revolves around playing an instrument and music theory. Most of these resources are only available to music majors. Most people pursuing a music career are NOT music majors. Those are great practical skills but they never teach you actual entrepreneurship and how that benefits a performer or artist in the long run. 

Out With The Old Ways

The nuances of the music industry are never explained, which scares away many talented individuals. Majority of them are taught that college and pursuing an education are a hindrance, and that leads them to think a music career is not viable. The structure wasn’t there before, but now NCEG has created it and packaged it in a way that anyone can understand it. This is where the NCEG manual comes in. 

The NCEG Manual

Many of the college students that don’t have access to music department resources, but the manual can be downloaded by anyone anywhere, regardless of major. The manual contains the NCEG curriculum, which is intricately laid out for the students. The curriculum came to fruition from years of experience and figuring out the different systems involved in schools, and how to operate within these systems. This creates a structure for music entrepreneurs that can be replicated on different campuses, and at the same time pursue their degrees in any major. The manual puts the power back into the students’ hands, as well as make their musical aspirations less nebulous. 

Arun Gopal

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