College Students Produce VR Content For A3C

The music industry is in a constant state of flux with new technologies being created everyday. Virtual reality (VR) is one of those technologies that’s slowly been taking the industry by storm.

The Collaboration

On Friday, October 11th, during A3C, one of the National Collegiate Entertainers Group’s chapters, Panther Entertainment Group (PEG), did a VR installation and artist showcase at Veterans Memorial Hall at Georgia State in partnership with the Creative Media Industries Institute(CMII) and Wise Nation Records LLC. The CMII is a media and entrepreneurship complex that is part of Georgia State University. Wise Nation is a media consulting and artist development company based in Atlanta, GA. The event was an official A3C event featured on the app.  

The Lunchtable

A3C is the biggest music festival and conference in the south and takes place in Atlanta, GA for the week of October 8th-13th every year. This was a big opportunity for our chapter and NCEG as a whole. The event PEG put on was called “The Lunchtable”, and was an artist showcase that was a callback to the days of when we used to beat on lunch tables with pens and pencils and freestyle with a group of our peers. The show was in 360 degrees of VR, so the audience was able to enjoy the event as if they were at “the lunchtable”. The virtual reality technology was provided by the Creative Media Industries Institute. This created an immersive and nostalgic experience for the viewer. Wise Nation provided the lights and audio, which created the perfect atmosphere for each performer. 

The Performance

PEG artists, Sammy Surf(@ohthatssurf), MayaTheWriter(@mayathewriter), Spencer The MC(@spencerthemc), Jazzy(@jazzytharapper), and DJ Kidd Kreme(@djkiddkreme) & Nedlog Media (@nedlogmedia) all had incredible performances. Sammy, with his energetic antics, and Spencer, with his quickstrike flows, had some of the most memorable performances. The crowd loved each performance, including some out-of-towners who came for the festival.

Arun Gopal

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