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A Music Service For College Artists

One of the benefits of being apart of the National Collegiate Entertainers Group (NCEG), is being able to have a space where student artists can network and collaborate with other student artists. With technology and social media bringing people closer together, Quadio Media is making those collaborations easier to find on college campuses.


Quadio Media is a free music streaming and social media platform, combined with a live events business, made for college students and communities. The company was started by Joe Welch and Marcus Welch in 2018, with the help of experienced sound engineer, Bill Johnston. Both Joe and Marcus are diehard music fans, and Joe was a musician, who produced EDM music while in college. Quadio Media has a staff of fifty people and is based in New York City.

How It Works

Anyone with a “.edu” email address can access Quadio, and this includes alumni. When you finish logging in, you can:

  1. Create a user profile
  2. Search for collaborators and message them
  3. Discover music from across the country, whether on your campus or other campuses
  4. Like, comment, and share your favorite tracks, which is the social media aspect
  5. Check out the songs climbing the charts in your community and campus, regionally, or nationally

Quadio is constantly being updated, so more features will be added. Our chapters can collaborate within the chapter, as well as among other chapters more efficiently using this platform. 

Live Performances

Quadio is also doing live music events with some of the student artists on their platform, which is what NCEG coaches train our certified entertainers for on a daily basis. Quadio did an artist showcase at U Street Music Hall in Washington D.C. back in November with fifteen student artists.   

With this service supporting the student artist, NCEG and Quadio have similar goals and aspirations. Empowering the student artist and creating an environment ripe for collaboration.  

Arun Gopal

Resources & Technology

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