UUF Rules & Judge Criteria

The University Uncharted Festival is a competition between college campuses designed to test student's knowledge of the music industry as outlined by the National Collegiate Entertainers Group. Therefore, only students currently enrolled in an accredited college/university are eligible to compete. 

How to be chosen to perform during UUF:

Contestants in the University Uncharted Festival are comprised of college students that have been hand picked by specific student organizations who represent their college/university as official NCEG talent scouts. These official NCEG chapters will each select no more than 3 artists to compete in each showcase. 

This process allows these student organizations the opportunity to host preliminary auditions and ensure that they are sending the best talent that their school has to offer to compete in the UUF. As such, each chapter is allowed to change which of their artists will compete from one showcase to the next. 

For more information on how to locate or become an official NCEG student organization please visit the "chapters" page of our website.

How to determine showcase winners:

Every UUF showcase will be a two-round competition. In the first round, each school will select up to three acts to perform for a panel of judges. 

Those judges will utilize official NCEG criteria to assign scores to each performer. The performer with the best average score from each team will go on to represent their team in the final round. 

After the finalist from each team has been determined, those two students will have the opportunity to perform their original music in an all-or-nothing battle round where the audience will decide the ultimate winner. 

Criteria that the judges will be looking for:

Every UUF contest will utilize National CEG official judge's criteria.

Our criteria uses a two tiered system where contestants are judged based on their mastery of both basic and advanced performance traits as defined by National CEG.

Basic performance traits consist of:

  1. Preparation
  2. Performance Quailty
  3. Energy/Confidence
  4. Creativity & Appearance
  5. Audience Engagement

Advanced performance traits consist of:

  1. Song Selection
  2. Transitions
  3. Difficulty of Routine
  4. Demonstration of Creative Range
  5. Emotive Ability

The average of each performer's "basic" scores makes up 70% of their overall score. The "advanced" performance score makes up the other 30%.


Basic Scores: (9+8+9+8+8)= 8.4

Advanced Scores: (9+8+8+9+10)= 8.8

Overall Score: (8.4 x 0.7) + (8.8 x 0.3) = 8.52

How prizes are awarded:

The UUF will award prizes to three different types of winners:

  • individual winners of each contest
  • the team with the best overall score in each contest
  • the last team standing in the UUF tournament

In other words, these contests are meant to reward both the talent and the organizations that prove themselves to be dedicated to perfecting their craft.