How it Works

step 1

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Find the best talent of your college campus...

Using our standardized criteria, NCEG student members are taught how to identify which of their peers possess exceptional artiistic abilities. 

How it all starts....

It's a common misconception that everything begins and ends with the artists. However, from a business perspective, most projects start with an individual or group of individuals that come together to form a team that will make most of the final decisions. 

These people ultimately become the executive producers, A&Rs, finance advisors, etc. that are credited on all of our favorite projects as consumers. 

Therefore, an NCEG chapter's journey really begins by finding those innovative minds and decision makers that have a passion for discovering new talent. 

Applying your knowledge....

It is important to know how all of the different professions work together to make up what we understand to be the music industry. However, it is perhaps even more important to understand how to act upon that knowledge. Most industry professionals would agree, the difference between success and failure is often a matter of having enough ability and self-confidence to act in the moment.

NCEG chapter members are given the opportunity to learn these lessons through hands-on experimentation before corporate money, and their livelihoods, are on the line.

step 2


Invite industry professionals to offer their expertise...

NCEG chapters will host events and panel discussions in order to learn directly from the pros.

step 3

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Test your team's knowledge and abilities...

NCEG chapters compete against one another to see which team of students can best apply their knowledge to their environment.

Competition breeds innovation....

In the music industry, you are only as big as your latest and greatest accomplishment. This fact constantly pushes the best artist to continue working on their craft and mastering their process for the sake of their fans. 

We put students in a similar situation by fostering competition among the different chapters in our program. To truly be considered one of the best, it takes more than a single victory. It takes consistency.

NCEG chapters have the opportunity to test their skills against other students. They tour from one campus to the next in a quest to see who will come out on top as fans, family and industry professionals all bear witness.

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