What are coaches?

A "coach" is an NCEG-vetted industry professional that has taken the time to provide valuable knowledge to our student members.
Some of our coaches even take the time to work with our chapter members directly, in preparation for competitions or events.

However, regardless of their contribution, we show our appreciation for these individuals by featuring them here.

Featured Coach:

Steve Jones

Brash Music

Music Business & Management


Which comes first? Radio Play vs Sales
Rights, Royalties, & Distribution
Our mission

Our goal is to create a scholarship program that will help students, with aspirations of entering the entertainment industry, use their talents to pay for their college tuition. The live music industry is a $1.5 billion business that continues to grow every year. By empowering our students to tap into these funds, we hope to spark a new era in the music industry underlined by education, collaboration, and competitive spirit.

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