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NCEG  Internship Program

Want to learn how to break into the music industry? Find Your Stage with NCEG, the National Collegiate Entertainers Group! Our organization is here to revolutionize the way in which aspiring music professionals enter and learn about the music industry.
Our Mission is to encourage music as a form of entrepreneurship and promote the idea of using intellectual property to subsidize the cost of higher education.
Our student chapter program successfully creates teams of students, unified by school pride, to compete against other university teams for the opportunity to prove themselves and develop their talents.
We are currently seeking a handful of interns to contribute 6–10 hours a week to learn about & execute on 4 key programs to assist in our operations:

  1. Song Production; Finding & Recruiting Artist Talent
  2. Promotional Videos; Calling & Scheduling Interviews with Industry Professionals
  3. Music Marketing; Content Capture, Curation, & Publication
  4. Digital Marketing | SWOT Analysis & Data Analytics

Each intern will be covering every one of these programs. Once we see what you have an affinity for & you have completed the full internship, you will have the opportunity to be placed directly into the paid positions that make the most sense for you within our organization!

Internship Eligibility

The Curriculum

The NCEG Internship Program will be structured around the following Curriculum:


  1. Find an Artist
  2. Call a Chapter to Schedule an Interview
  3. Learn about & curate content
  4. Learn about SWAT Analyis & Digital Marketing