Where does the name, CEG, come from?

We are very proud of our origin and our name is a testament of that.

The name Collegiate Entertainers Group (CEG) is a derivative of the name Panther Entertainment Group (PEG).

PEG is the name of our very first chapter at Georgia State University. There, a group of students, with various talents, joined together to lay the foundations of what would become this nonprofit. By working together, PEG was able to effect their campus in ways never seen before while offering unique learning experiences to students seeking knowledge about the industry. 

When the founders of CEG were deciding on what they would call the national coalition of schools, they decided on something that would remind them of where they started while also giving them room to grow.

We expect that soon the Collegiate Entertainers Group (CEG) will grow to be the National Collegiate Entertainers Group (NCEG) and eventually expand to encompass more than just music.