a nonprofit that utilizes musical talent to fund higher education...

The Problem:

The music industry continues to lose valuable talent to other, more traditional, professions due to the persistent uncertainty surrounding how the industry works. Additionally, even students that choose to face this uncertainty often fail due to a lack of practical application skills.

To push any industry forward, it is necessary to attract, train, and retain talented and innovative young minds. As such, we have an obligation to help young people navigate our industry. We believe that doing so is the key to solving the complicated issues of the future.

The Solution:

Give students the opportunity to work through the challenges of the music industry by using their talents and creativity to learn. 

Our organization forms subsidiary chapters, run by students, on college campuses throughout the country. With the help of our dedicated educators, these chapters become teams of students that represent the best talent that their campus has to offer.

Members of our student chapters learn more than simply "How the industry works". They learn how to put together all the various pieces of the industry in order to build reliable networks and find success. In order to achieve this student interest in a particular chapter could vary greatly across multiple disciplines (i.e artists, producers, song writers, engineers, managers, marketers, graphic designers, media specialists, etc.)


Board of Directors


Derek Jackson - Founder

Xavier Jones - Co-Founder