About NCEG

We Empower the Next Generation of Music & Entertainment Entrepreneurs.
The National Collegiate Entertainers Group (NCEG) is a membership based non profit organization dedicated to supporting college students in their quest to balance academics and their love of music.

We are a network of industry professionals who are investing in the well being and success of the next generation by helping them forge a path that does not sacrifice higher education in pursuit of passion. Our coalition includes record labels, professional A&Rs, academic advisors, artist managers, university professors, recording studios, marketing specialists, audio engineers, music publishing groups, music directors for tv & film, and many more...

Our goal is to help schools cultivate their student talent while offering parents & students new outlets to pay for college.

In other words, we seek to create a national scholarship program that allows students to use their music to pay for their education.
Every year, millions of young people begin a journey of self discovery by researching, selecting, and eventually, attending a college or university that aligns with their personal goals.

However, for many of these students, the choice isn't as simple.
Students that seek a life-long career in music are often left with limited options, and more often than not, this may put them at odds with parents, who are seeking stability for them.

The modern music industry is an entrepreneurship-based ecosystem filled with major risks and rewards, and the traditional academic response to this is to either attend a specialized institution, or major in music business.

However, colleges specializing in the music industry can be expensive, and they often leave students without a traditional college experience. And traditional schools offering music business programs often require classical music training to be admitted, and rarely offer any creative outlet.

Furthermore, students, who recognize both of these facts, are encouraged by the music industry, to avoid them both, take a leap of faith, and forgo higher education by entering the work force straight out of high school.

None of these are good options in an economy that relies on a college degree to lift families out of poverty. With college tuitions being at an all time high, students should not have to risk debt just to choose between stability and passion. And parents should not have to try to convince their children to give up on what they love for fear that not doing so would result in their child's wasted potential.

NCEG was designed as an answer to this problem.
Our programs connect university students to elite members of the music community who are all passionate about helping the next generation succeed.

Regardless of a student's choice in major, we help supplement their education with programs that provide them with the experience and resume that they'll need be effective in the industry post graduation.
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